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2020-09-06 20:03:14 字母哥热火

Giannis is following a lot of LeBron’s path almost exactly 10 years later.


LeBron Born December 1984, Giannis Born December 1994


LeBron drafted June 2003, Giannis Drafted June 2013


LeBron’s first MVP season & year as #1 seed 2009, Giannis did this 2019


Lebron losing in conference finals his first mvp season while being #1 seed 2009, Giannis 2019 (both lost 4-2)


LeBron 2nd MVP season & year as #1 seed 2010, Giannis 2nd MVP season & year as #1 seed 2020


LeBron losing in ECSF his 2nd MVP season as #1 seed 2010, and it looks like Giannis will do this in 2020.


If history keeps mirroring itself like it has with LeBron and Giannis… could we see Giannis leave this year to join a super team ( possibly the Miami Heat ??) ?

Opinion: I think Giannis is less accomplished, and less polished than LeBron was at this point 10 years ago but I find the way their career paths have been so freaking synchronized lately to be fascinating. I hope Giannis can develop some more skill and flourish in the playoffs at some point.




[–]C18H26O2 3420 指標 8小時前

It'll be poetic when he comes to Miami and learns that next gear for the playoffs, develops a post game and how to make clutch free throws. Then he'll return to Milwaukee, win another chip and eventually LA to join forces with Tako.


[–][GSW] Klay Thompson chaoism 11 指標 4小時前

that means we win chip on 2025, 2027, and 2028, then go 74-8 on 2026?

as a dubs fan, I'm totally okay following this pattern



[–]Heat clear831 75 指標 6小時前

So he is coming to Miami, we win 2 championships. I am good with that


[–]Warriors famoustran 40 指標 5小時前

Wait and then when he goes back to the Bucks, the Bucks and Warriors play each other in the Finals 4 times in a row? Warriors win 3/4 led by 2x MVP Jordan Poole? Okay cool.


[–]Raptors LessThanCleverName 69 指標 5小時前

Then Lonnie Walker IV becomes dissatisfied with the Spurs and is traded to the Raptors for loyal, fan favourite Pascal Siakam and wins it all with the embattled, veteran PG Fred VanVleet and time is a flat circle.


[–]leetcodelife 336 指標 7小時前

how to make clutch free throws

for now he just needs to hit the rim



[–]ruinatex 114 指標 6小時前

It would be nice if he hit clutch free throws, but not even LeBron did/does that so who cares. Giannis needs a post/midrange game, him standing still at the 3-PT line when he doesn't have the ball hurts to watch. LeBron was and has always been a streaky midrange/3-PT shooter, but Giannis isn't even streaky, he is nonexistent. LeBron has also always been a better passer.

I'm afraid though that if Giannis joins Golden State (the better choice imo) or Dallas, the East will be so incredibly worse that it would be better to just kill the conference.



[–]Gran Destino LOLIDKwhattowrite 75 指標 5小時前

the guy can't even win in the east, and now you are saying the whole conference needs to be scrapped? honestly it's ridiculous, the bottom teams in the east are awful but the top teams are absolutely respectable, just because there are no star players and it is more of a team effort does not mean that they are bad teams. jeez...


[–]Yacht Club Portlandblazer07 41 指標 5小時前

Giannis would get crucified for joining the warriors after this year. Bailing after playing an awful series is not a good look.


[–]Kemna21 58 指標 4小時前

So instead of comparing to Bron we should be comparing to Durant


[–]Captain price101 30 指標 4小時前

We would compare Giannis to KD if he left Milwaukee to join Miami the team that beat him


[–]AcidShades 467 指標 5小時前

That's how these comparisons work. You omit things that are different and cherry pick things that are similar.

Giannis is an unbelievable player, even if his game isn't well rounded enough at the moment to be able to handle every look opponents throw at him. But LeBron was operating at a whole different level.



[–]Lakers Adog__24 45 指標 4小時前

The point of the post was to point out similarities in their careers. Not comparing the two.


[–]Pacers TruthReveals 111 指標 4小時前

OP literally mentions at the end that Giannis is less accomplished and polished than LeBron was as a player, and admitting that the comparisons are more their current career situations with their respective teams.



[–]Rockets ElderGoose4 76 指標 7小時前

Except Brons early Cavs teams were built like garbage and he has to constantly deal with the super Celtics. Giannis’ team is basically built to his strengths and is on paper the best team in the East. Giannis can go to another team but you can’t tell me the Bucks org didn’t try what they could to get Giannis a ring with them.


[–]sallright 15 指標 6小時前

It’s a good supporting cast. They should have kept Brogdan but it’s still a good squad.


[–]Grizzlies Silenced_Masses 123 指標 10小時前

Yeah everyone keeps comparing the idea of Giannis leaving for the heat to KD snaking his way to GS. But it’s honestly a lot more like LeBrons “Decision” to go to south beach.

Leave a northern smaller market for south beach to chase rings. Probably leave his original team kind of fucked for the foreseeable future. The only things missing are a bosh type player to form a trio and the fact that since Milwaukee isn’t his hometown he probably wouldn’t return to get them a ring later.

Granted in this scenario Giannis and butler are like off-brand LeBron and wade and I don’t know if I’d expect them to even win a ring.




[–]Heat CorrineontheCobb 32 指標 8小時前

Giannis, Butler, Bam, DR, Herro, Dragic, + bench pieces and ring chasers doesn't sound like a championship team? How about if we also managed to get a third star in summer '21?


[–]Heat 10woodenchairs 10 指標 7小時前

Embiid sounds like he could go to Miami


[–]Heat CorrineontheCobb 10 指標 7小時前

Imagine Embiid at center, Bam at PF, Giannis at SF, Butler at SG and DR at Pg.

You've got one hell of an offense with Butler and Giannis handling the ball at different times and Bam being able to pass the ball in and around the paint to or from Embiid to whoever is open outside and DRob nailing 3 pointers while Dragic and Herro come off the bench for additional 3 point and midrange firepower as needed.

That team would be stacked as fuck, especially in the playoffs where we can use Iggy as a back up wing defender.




[–][MIL] Thon Maker grphelps1 21 指標 5小時前

This team would have the worst spacing in the league by far lol. Embiid, Giannis, and Bam absolutely would not be able to be on the court at the same time.



[–]Nuggets Lookatcurry_man 196 指標 10小時前

yeah the Bucks the past couple years remind me of those early Cavs teams so much. Well oiled machine in reg season, 60+ wins, fall apart in playoffs


[–][BOS] Paul Pierce poeope 414 指標 10小時前

The supporting cast is alot better for the Bucks they should not be falling apart.


[–]Nets aydee123 60 指標 10小時前

Delonte West, Mo Williams, Anderson Varejao, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Joe Smith, Wally Szczerbiak, (washed) Ben Wallace, Booby Gibson, Sasha Pavlovic, coached by Mike Brown

Khris Middleton, Brook Lopez, Eric Bledsoe, George Hill, Wes Matthews, Pat Connaughton, Marvin Williams, Donte DiVincenzo, Kyle Korver, coached by Mike Budenholzer



[–]Pistons XolorJZ 51 指標 10小時前

The regular season versions of the first 3 Bucks are cleanly better than anyone on the Cavs


[–]mclovin215 17 指標 7小時前

LeBron had Mo Williams as his 2nd best guy. The only reason he became an all star was because he got the chance to play with LeBron. This bucks supporting crew is wayy better


[–]PMmePETITEwomen 253 指標 10小時前

It’s also a mixture of the coaching and Giannis himself. LeBron did a 38-9-9 series in the 2009 ECF that they lost. Giannis isn’t touching those numbers


[–]CH0S3N-0NE[S] 209 指標 9小時前

keep in mind LeBron did that when it was much harder to put up those numbers than it is today



Every time someone compared Giannis to young LeBron I know they didn’t watch basketball pre-super Warriors. LeBron did absolutely everything for that Cavs team before he said fuck it I want to join a winning organization.


[–]76ers grundlesmith 18 指標 6小時前

Lebron has about 5x more basketball skill and IQ. Giannis is likely the least skilled player ever to win MVP and probably wont ever be able to carry a team to a title as the #1 option. I don't see him winning a title without another star on the roster and the Bucks cashed in all their chips on aging role players. Middleton is a great piece, but it looks like the Bucks lack creation once a team commits to taking away Giannis' layups and dunks. The raps did it last year, the sixers did it on christmas day, and the heat are doing it now.


[–]NotAn0pinion 16 指標 6小時前

Giannis is awesome, but LeBron was by a wide margin the best player on the planet 10 years ago. Some might believe Giannis is right now, I'd say it's still LeBron or perhaps it's Kawhi, Giannis isn't even a surefire #3 to me (Doncic, Durant, Harden, AD, Curry all could make a decent case). Nothing against Milwaukee, but I'd love to see him playing next to Luka. I'm not a Mavs fan, but I really appreciate the way he plays and it would be cool to see those two playmakers together in their prime.


[–]Pacers brrrrrrrrrrrrrfuk 3 指標 5小時前

Mark Cuban has entered the chat





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